McHenry County is located in North Central North Dakota named for James McHenry, an early settler of Vermillion, South Dakota. The county was formed in 1873 from part of Bottineau County as part of the Territorial legislature. The counties first organized government was organized on October 15th 1884 and the first county seat was Villard from 1884 to 1885. The county seat then moved to Scriptown and where it resided from 1885 to 1886. The county seat was then moved to Towner in 1886 and is still currently the county seat.

McHenry County is home to 53 townships and 12 cities which include: Anamoose, Balfour, Bergen, Deering, Drake, Granville, Karlsruhe, Kief, Towner, Upham, Velva and Voltaire. McHenry county has a total area of 1,912 square miles and is home to approximately 5,400 people. You will also find J. Clark Salyer National Wildlife refuge, Cottonwood Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Wintering River National Wildlife Refuge here.